I've got three versions of documentation in my knowledge base. V1 is my main version, V3 is my in-progress version.
I was working in a V3 of a documentation base, and clicked "Bulk Operations".
I was brought to the Bulk Operations screen and I didn't notice that going to Bulk Ops caused Doc360 to switch the project back to V1 until I deleted a bunch of content from it.
After some testing, I realized that it does this every time. If you click Bulk Operations while in V3 (a non-main knowledgebase) you will arrive at the Bulk Operations screen with V1 selected, so, if you notice, you have to individually set the project back.
This is no good because I expected my project selection to persist, and I deleted a bunch of live content!
We need the project you are on to remain selected when you go to the Bulk Operations screen